Tuesday, one of my three days off. I would only have two, but they don’t have mandatory overtime yet so I’ve been having three. Anyway, besides the point. I’m watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix, because I recently finished watching Leverage and I wanted to put some space in before watching one of my other favorite shows again. So I’m watching Nurse Jackie, not sure how I feel about it yet, but I just have a little rant that I would like to share…

This episode I’m watching, the patient is some sort of movie reviewer or whatever, and he came in with a broken arm and possibly a cracked rib or two. Anyway, this guy said some movie about dogs was the worst movie of the year and Jackie didn’t like that he said that, so she told him. She also said she didn’t like that he was insinuating that people that like that kind of stuff are stupid. He then accused her of insinuating that he was stupid because he tried to cross the street while being on his computer.

Okay, let me just…gather my thoughts and rage for a moment and compose myself into what I’m trying to say here….


Just because a movie might be stupid to one person, doesn’t mean it’s stupid to everyone. Everyone has opinions, and just like their butts, they all pretty much stink. Just because one person has an opinion one way of something, doesn’t mean their opinion is right. It’s an OPINION. Opinions do not have a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ because they aren’t fact based. Those ‘stupid’ movies have a certain crowd base. That crowd base isn’t ‘stupid’ they just have a different appreciation of movies than others. I don’t like old mystery films, does that mean I’m stupid? I like to watch Disney/Pixar movies more than I like to watch things with actual people in them. That doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I just appreciate something different than other people that might call those movies stupid. And just because a movie is called stupid by some reviewer of movies doesn’t make it stupid, or the people that appreciate the movie. It just means you need to find a reviewer that has more of your taste in movies. Or, hmm…how about see the damn movie yourself and make your own judgement. I’ve found a few movies that I thought were going to be terrible because of their covers, or what was written on the back as a synapsis and they turned out to be pretty good after I watched them myself. Don’t take other people’s words for things so easily when it comes to opinions. Form your own opinion. This isn’t just for movies, this is for life. For people out their who judge other people on what they’ve heard about said other people. Form your own opinion, have your own mind.


Next point I’m trying to make, the asshat that Jackie was treating? Yes, it IS stupid to cross the street while on your computer. It’s stupid to be WALKING with a COMPUTER. It’s not even safe to walk with a CELLPHONE let alone a computer, or tablet. Why the HELL would you attempt to cross a STREET while on any sort of device that impedes your perception of the world around you? Maybe it’s just that I hate crossing streets and it always terrifies me, but that’s a dangerous business. You never know what people are thinking inside their cars. You never know if someone’s car is as sound as it looks. What if you go to cross and someone is in a rush and not paying attention and they hit you? What if someone does see you, but their brakes are bad and they can’t stop in time? It is the STUPIDEST thing you could do, to cross a street with your perception and cognition impeded. Crossing the street needs your full attention. Unless you want to get hurt or die, then fine, by all means, be an asshat and play around on your computer, typing your stupid review for some movie you probably thought was shit.


I apologize for my crude language. But I did say this was a rant. Hopefully it was clear this was going to be not fun. Unless it was fun for you to read, then cheers to you.

Anyway, I’m out of here, back to my show. Deuces. -J