Today I gave my tiny Paps a bath and he did NOT enjoy that experience. He was a good boy, but he did not enjoy the experience in the slightest. He clawed his way up my arm to perch himself on my shoulder when he finally got rinsed off and everything, but he was good through the rest of it. I’m home now from work and he’s just roaming around my room, meowing at me every so often like ‘dad, hey dad, pay attention to meeeeeee’ and I’m like ‘but Paps, I’m writing a blog entry about you’. He’s not buying that as a good enough excuse. He just gave me a kiss and now he’s chewing on the corner of my computer. Silly boy.

What else to talk about…hmm, my roommate came home from her weekend at her mother’s house. I had a really bad weekend. I apparently can’t handle being alone for so long anymore…. I used to be okay, when I lived at my parents house. But perhaps that’s part of it, I’m in a place that I haven’t been in for very long. I’ve been here half a year only. My parents house? I was there for 19 years of my life. That’s a HUGE difference, I’d say. I guess that’s part of the adjustment disorder? I’m not really sure what that is, per say. The only thing I didn’t like about my previous doctor, I suppose. He gave me diagnoses, but never really explained them. It would be nice to have explanations for things…


Paps is playing with the flashlight that I had on the floor and he’s meowing at me again. My little monster…I have Markiplier playing in the background. I haven’t watched new videos in a while, but I’m playing on of his old ones so that Paps meowing doesn’t bother my roommate and her boyfriend so much. Because, of course, he’s over again. Not that it’s like…all that terrible or anything, and not that he’s terrible or anything it’s just that he’s here almost every night now, when she’s home. And I just….I don’t know. I get it, but it’s kind of annoying sometimes.


Paps hijacked my computer. He laid down on the screen. Guess that means it’s time to stop typing and to pay attention to him now. Hope everyone reading this is having a wonderful evening or morning or whatever. I’m signing out!