About Me, About Us

Hello everyone reading this! Hope you are all having lovely days/nights/etc. Whatever time it is for you while you are currently reading this, I hope it’s going wonderful for you. If it’s not…well…Do something spontaneous! Watch a movie that makes you happy! Eat some comfort food! All good things to do, I think.

Anyway, my name is Sebastian Asriel Moran. But I have two other guys living inside of my head, at least that’s all that I know of, currently. Sometimes they’ll probably write here, if they’re fronting. There’s Jimmy, and he swears a LOT so you’ll probably know his writing by all the swearing. His favorite is the ‘f’ word. And then there’s Will Masters (yes, he has a separate last name, but that’s what he wanted) and he’s a GIANT flirt. He is as straight as a line and he loves to flirt. He flirts with guys for fun, but he doesn’t swing that way. I do. Jimmy? I’m…not really sure where he swings.

In terms of roles, I’m the host, clearly. Jimmy is my protector alter. And I’m…not really sure what Will’s purpose is. But that’s that with the alter stuff.

Other than that, I’m pretty boring, and even that stuff at times is pretty dull. I have a kitten named Papyrus, and for those of you that are gamers, you’ll probably recognize the name from one of the newest hit PC games, Undertale, by Toby Fox. I absolutely ADORE that game and I love the music and the story and all the characters and just everything about that game touches my soul. It’s beautiful. So I named my little monster Papyrus. He’s such a cutie, and he’s a really good boy, but he can definitely be Daddy’s little monster.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for the time being, if I think of anything else to put here, or if Jimmy or Will do end up coming here, well, they can edit things if they want to, to add to this or whatnot. We’ll see what happens!